HU4K program has been developed by a community group and schools in the greater Bunbury area working in partnership. Together they determine and review all aspects of the program with HU4K recruiting, placing and supporting volunteers and the schools assigning staff to take responsibility for all in-school aspects. Volunteers are really valued and welcomed as part of the school team. No training required and freedom to nominate days of attendance and other flexible arrangements make this an ideal program for the busy, or the not-so-busy volunteer

Yes you can, However HU4K usually places you in the U4K school in your on your neighbourhood or community

HU4K Regional Coordinator will, with your agreement, place you at a HU4K school and when your local school commences as a HU4K school you will have the choice to change schools or remain here you are

No you do not. You just need to like children and be able to read.

No training is required. HU4K volunteers work under the supervision and at the direction of the Literacy Specialist or assigned teacher.

You will be introduced to your school volunteer team who will help and guide you while you gain confidence and feel happy to work with the children on your own

Volunteers spend time with just one student at a time and may hear 4-5 students read aloud in the hour, from their current class book.

It iHU4K School Liaison staff places each volunteer with children with the greatest need – usually in the lower grades. They also consider what best suits each volunteer

HU4K provides tips for helping young students read and our reading Volunteers report these are working well.

You report this to the Class Teacher or leave a message in the HU4K Record Book

Any Adult Can Be A HU4K Volunteer

HANDS UP 4 KIDS can and is making a difference to the life's chances of huge numbers of young children, giving them an opportunity to achieve their academic and social potential.

HU4K is set up to incorporate this – in fact, it is expected that you will keep up your regular personal and family commitments. You just need to give plenty of notice if possible.

We may be able to arrange for a volunteer from your school team to pick you up and drop you home if you are attending at the same times

You send him/her straight back to the classroom where the Class Teacher will deal with this. You then proceed with your next child.

Yes. It is compulsory for everyone working with children to have a current WWC, (even teachers)

No. Your WWC registration is for 3 years and is applicable to any situation where you will be working with children other than your own.

Yes, but you will be placed in a class where you help other children, not your own.

No, these are not compulsory, but most volunteers come along to share their stories about “:their children” and get to now other HU4K volunteers. They’re very informal gatherings over a cuppa. Networking functions are usually for 1 to 2 hours in the morning or afternoon hosted by various school volunteer teams and school staff.

No, you determine the length of time you wish to be involved and of course you’ll be welcome

HANDS UP 4 KIDS has lots of ways you can become involved in helping kids read to succeed – things like helping with administrative tasks or fund raising projects, coordinating volunteer social networking events, publicity and helping out at promotional activities in shopping centres and speaking to clubs and even helping with suburban letter box drops
Talk to our Volunteer Coordinator and let he know what are you looking for?

Yes you will – by HU4K Volunteer Insurances when representing HU4K outside the school grounds and by the Schools Policies as soon as you enter the school-grounds. Of course, your regular 3rd party Insurance cover applies while travelling between your home to your HU4K partner school.

Yes there are quite simple rules as with joining in any large institution or organisation. The HU4K Regional Coordinator will provide you with everything you need to know before your start and will be in touch with you quite regularly. You will be required to abide by the HU4K Code of Conduct which includes the need for confidentiality.

Yes there are quite simple forms. The HU4K Volunteer Coordinator will guide you through these and help you all the’s quite straight-forward tho!

There are two immediate opportunities:
i) Sponsorship: annual/regular or once-off sponsorship will
- Enable HU4K to reach more young children, assisting them to read to succeed;
- Enable recruitment of more volunteers – at least 10 volunteers are needed per school;
- Enable the engagement of more HU4K Partner Primary Schools
ii) Corporate Giving Program: encouraging employees to give one hour a week at a Partner Primary School, electing one of the following models:
- Your business adopting a HU4K school, providing 1, 2 or a team of volunteers
- One or more staff regularly attending their (or your) preferred or local school
- Several staff on a roster basis at your nominated HU4K School

HU4K recognises there is a great need for literacy assistance across all school years, however, with the agreement of Primary School Principals, the decision is to focus on this early intervention program which will then have far reaching benefits across all ages. 25 of 37 primary schools in the Greater Bunbury area have reading scores below the national average and Principals tell us that there are children in every school who could benefit from reading support - so there’s a long way to go yet!

There is certainly a need for a range of expertise to help expand HU4K to include more young children succeed at school. This might be admin assistance, book keeping, publicity and promotion, public speaking, helping with fund raising ideas and/or projects, web, facebook and other IT functions, even helping with letter box drops. Please discuss your suggestions with our HU4K Coordinator – all help gratefully accepted!

She certainly is. This way she can outline all the alternative ways your employees and your business can become involved in this dynamic, practical corporate giving program

Contact the HANDS UP 4 KIDS Regional Coordinator Jan to make a time to talk.

Take the First Step To Volunteering

You can join a Partner School’s Volunteer Team by:

Calling the Regional Coordinator to make a time to talk about your interest
Meet with the Regional Volunteer Coordinator and discuss what will work best for you and for HU4K
Provide personal referees and obtain a Working With Children Card

Didn't find the answer? Contact our Coordinator.