From Volunteers

“The Rotary Club of Margaret River has been supporting Hands Up 4 Kids from late 2017. Club members and Friends of Rotary have been called upon to join the program which continues to grow in the Margaret River region. Feedback from the 2 primary schools involved is positive. Those involved in the program report finding it rewarding to develop relationships with students and see their reading progress through the year. The Club considers Hands Up 4 Kids to be a program which is beneficial both to students and volunteers. It has the bonus of meeting one of Rotary International’s key focuses, literacy.”

“I know the importance of reading to children. I have two grandchildren in Years 2-5 both of whom need this help.”

“I wanted to contribute locally if I could and hopefully make a small difference.”

“If you cannot read English fluently, you will have trouble with job applications, memos, instruction booklets, tax forms, and all sorts of things encountered in adult life.”

“It is absolutely invigorating being with these young children!  It’s not ‘Can I find time to help out’ but “Thank You. HANDS UP 4 KIDS” for giving me the opportunity to help these young children!  It’s a privilege I enjoy!”

“I like children and enjoy volunteering. I am really enjoying being part of HANDS UP 4 KIDS.”

“I believe helping children read is extremely important. I love to read and hope children will too.”

Any Adult Can Be A HU4K Volunteer

HANDS UP 4 KIDS can and is making a difference to the life's chances of huge numbers of young children, giving them an opportunity to achieve their academic and social potential.

From Principals & Teachers

“The most effective way to address literacy barriers and therefore learning outcomes is to establish teams of volunteers to listen to kids read.”

“Volunteers are demonstrating ‘community service in action’ which fits with the focus on school’s teaching of the importance of virtues.”

“The gift of time is the most amazing thing you can do for a child”

“Kid’s reading improves when relationships are built and trust is present.”

“Volunteering is like a tonic hearing children’s stories.”

“Good to have community people in the school.”

“Need MORE HU4K Volunteers please!”

Take the First Step To Volunteering

You can join a Partner School’s Volunteer Team by:

Calling the Regional Coordinator to make a time to talk about your interest
Meet with the Regional Volunteer Coordinator and discuss what will work best for you and for HU4K
Provide personal referees and obtain a Working With Children Card

Have a Question? Contact Our Coordinator.